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Network Cable

Network Cable
Network Cable
A Network Cable is used to exchange information between robots, other sensor devices, or computers. Network cables can be replaced with a wireless network, however network cables offer certain advantages that can only be available to a wired connection.

Networks that are wired can transfer data at faster rates, over longer distances, and in many situations are much less susceptible to EMI noise. In the case of fiber optic cables, EMI noise can be completely eliminated from the transmission lines, which makes them ideal in noisy environments.

Network cables can also be used to supply power to remote devices such as poE (power over Ethernet) as well as eliminating security threats that might exist with a wireless data network. Additionally, wired networks do not require as much energy to maintain connection since they do not need to broadcast signals over the large distances that wireless networks do.

Typical network cables consist of twisted pair cables (for noise and cross-talk elimination) such as in a CAT-5 Ethernet cable, Coax cable (for shielding the inner conductor), and optical fiber network cables.

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