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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is a software application that allows the computer to identify a person based on a video or still image of their face. One way to accomplish this is to compare specific facial traits of a person's face to an existing database of images. The computer program analyzes each image and takes note of certain physical features - such as the location of the eyes, size and location of the mouth, and other noteable features. Once this is done, the program then compares these data points to those extracted from other images in the database and determines how well both faces match.
Some facial recognition software does not necessarily focus on finding a match, but rather is used to just find the location of a face in face tracking software. An example of this is used in this robot app here: NXT Face Tracker

This robot app uses the camera on an android device to perform facial tracking and guide the robot. For more information about facial recognition check out these links:

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