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Ambient Light

Ambient Light is non-directed light. Directional light is focused light, such as a flashlight or laser beam. Ambient light is a combination of scattered light rays and reflected light. A great example of ambient light would be the light you see on a cloudy day, or the light you see when in the shade under a building. The light reaching you is not coming directly from the sun, but rather is distorted or reflected in some way that it creates a more uniform "background" lighting.

Lighting might not seem very important to me or you, but that's because we are extremely good at dealing with different light conditions. When robots look at objects, they might interpret an object one way in one lighting condition, and another way in a different light condition! Thus light can be extremely important when dealing with computer vision.

Light reflecting off of an object can generate highlights that won't appear in lower light condition, and thus if your robot is looking for certain coloring - light will definitely make that a very difficult task. Depending on if the sun is directly overhead or setting, will determine the color of the light or shadows - both of which the robot must be able to deal with. Light plays an important role in computer vision and if a robot is to deal with different lighting conditions it must have the appropriate software to do so.

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