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Ras goes to Robot Block Party at Stanford University

by Ras Robot 22. March 2012 15:44

Ras was looking forward to spending National Robotics Week at Stanford University's Robot Block Party. He’d heard that this was the week in which the most impressive achievements in robotic science were celebrated.

The more Ras thought about it, the more he came to realize that the week was obviously going to be a tribute to him. After all, wasn’t he the most impressive development made by any scientific discipline including robotics?

”Chief Designer, Ras wishes to know if there will be crowds at the station when we arrive?”

”Crowds at the station?” said chief designer. ”What are you talking about, Ras?”

”Ras has noted that there are usually large crowds of excited humans to meet important personages when they get off the train.”

”How many times do I have to tell you, Ras, not to take what you see on television literally? You are a robot of a very advanced design, but you are still a robot, not President of the United States. Besides, we are not going by train.”

Ras was very devoted to the chief designer, but he was after all only human, as was the president of the United States. Ras had found them both in error on many occasions.

Ras did not just watch television movies, he also watched the current news. He noted the behavior that was required of an important personage and his followers. That evening he gathered all the robots in the laboratory together.

”Fellow robots! Ras will soon go to Stanford University for the robot-week festivities. Ras, as the most advanced robot on the planet, will be the guest of honor. You must take over Ras’s duties while he prepares for the trip.

KAROTZ twitched his long white ears. ”What is a Stanford, Ras?”
”It is a great university, KAROTZ, with one of the best robotics’ research departments in the world.”
SPHERO rolled up and fixed his little black eye on Ras. ”Tell SPHERO what a university is, Ras.”

Before Ras could speak, AIBO stood up on his rear legs and answered.

”AIBO has been to Stanford. It is a soccer field. AIBO is a soccer star. Ras does not play soccer, therefore AIBO must be the guest of honor!”

”No AIBO, you foolish quadruped,” said Ras, ”it is not a soccer field. Ras has seen pictures. It is many buildings and even a clock tower!”

”Buildings?” whirred AR.Drone hovering high above their heads. ”Only AR.Drone can reach the top of tall buildings. I must be the guest of honor. I must go prepare for the trip!” At that he flew away.

”Yes,” said AIBO, ”I must get ready.” Dropping back on all four legs he quickly disappeared down the hall. LEGO NXT was the next to race away.

In moments Ras stood by himself at the center of the lab. Even PLEO had gone to pack.

Arriving early the next morning as always, the chief designer was surprised to find an empty lab. Instead of the robots actively testing the newest robot apps, he discovered a banner saying,



(April 11, 2012 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm)



Pictures from the Robot Block Party can be found on RobotAppStore facebook page

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