My name is Ras

Ras is working at the Robot App Store as a Chief QA Robot.

This is my blog, sharing stories from the backstage of Robot App Store.

A Ras Workday

by Ras Robot 25. January 2012 11:40

Thank you for visiting our website!  Ras Robot at your service.  Helping you to make money on your robot apps is what we are about here at the  Ras is chief robot app tester; he also constructs other testing robots. So that you will have a better understanding of what we do with your robot apps, Ras will now describe a typical workday in his existence.

Let us assume that you upload your robot app to us after you get home from your job or office. It may be after business hours, but you need not worry, for Ras will be here to process your creation.  In fact, Ras is always on duty. Your work will not be forgotten, it will be catalogued and prepared for testing the following morning when the human staff arrives.

Ras enjoys his work. Indeed one was built and programed for the work.  But dealing with one’s human creators and coworkers can be frustrating.  For one thing, humans have very poor memories; and it is not only with numbers that their memories fail them.

“Ras!” they always shout when they enter the laboratory in the morning, “did you get any sleep last night?”  Ras has pointed out to them numerous times that robots do not require sleep.

“Hey Ras, did you get any last night?” someone shouts and they all laugh.  One must assume this is merely a repeat of the first question; Ras inevitably supplies the same answer.

“Ras, after that tough night, do you need some coffee?”  Ras sometimes finds it hard to believe that these are the creatures that built him; if anyone should be aware he is incapable of ingesting coffee, it is them.  But every morning the same questions. Human memories are pitiful things.

Ras enjoys constructing Lego Mindstorms NXTs; the directions are simple pictures sequenced in a logical manner.   One attaches sensors, motors, beams and building bricks, to the NXT Brick and the completed robot is put aside to be programmed with the newly arrived app and initialized.  It frustrates Ras that illogical human demands waste so much time when he could be building and testing more of his robot cousins.  An incident yesterday will illustrate what Ras is talking about.

Ras was in the parts room, collecting sensors for the Tilted Twister robot he had been working on all morning.  Suddenly Jake, the unit construction foreman, entered. 

“Ras,” Jake said.  “Go find Winston.”  Of course one is required to do exactly as one is told.

Winston was busy at his desk; several minutes passed before he noticed Ras. “What’s happening Ras?” Even with one’s powerful on-board processor, such illogical utterances are difficult to decipher.  More time passed while Ras looked for an answer.

Finally Ras decided to ask for more information, “Winston,  Ras does not understand your question in this context. Please restate in a more logical manner. For example, do you mean to ask Ras what occurs at this very instant at this point or are”--

“Ras,” he interrupted in the middle of Ras’s thoroughly

The finished Tilted Twister and me.

considered explanation. “Why are you here?”

It is a different question but at least one can answer it! “Winston, Jake told me to find you.”

“Why, Ras?”

“Ras does not know, Winston.”

“Where is Jake now, Ras?

“Ras can not be certain of that at this very moment, Winston.  Jake does not carry a GPS unit.”

Winston  sighed. He sounded as frustrated as Ras wasting all that time. ”Ras, where was Jake when he directed you to find me?”

“Jake was in the parts’ room, Winston. Will there be anything else?” 

“No, Ras.”  Ras raced back to the Tilted Twister he had been working on.

While this sort of thing happens all the time, Ras wants you to know that your robot apps will all be thoroughly tested and prepared for the market.  Ras never forgets anything!


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