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  • Orbotix - Sphero
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Robot App™ Description

Welcome to the driving app built just for Sphero.

It’s easy to become an expert Sphero driver. Control Sphero with joystick tilt, or old-school remote controls. Create challenging courses, race against friends and family, or turn out the lights and enjoy some night racing. Step on the gas with boosts, beat your buddies racing, and earn yourself bragging rights by gaining achievements.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Download this app to your android based smartphone or tablet, and have fun!


Robot App Requirements


Android: 2.2 and up

Sphero robotic ball
Android-based smartphone or tablet with multitouch screen
Other requirements:

A pool table! Now how's the winner?

Usage Instructions


3 different driving modes to keep your skills on point.
Custom speed settings to allow for optimal control.
Boost buttons to give Sphero an extra burst of speed.
Change Sphero to thousands of different colors.
Simple 2-finger gesture to adjust Sphero’s heading.
Sphero World Achievement System integration.

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