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  • WowWee - Rovio
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Robot App™ Description

A console app for controlling the WowWee Rovio mobile webcam. Video display is in ASCII, and all commands are issued from the keyboard. Can use VLC for "real" video and audio.

Developer: Rudolph

Installation Instructions

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You'll need to configure your Rovio with the standard methods, either setup software or via the browser UI.

Future versions will have editable settings.

I tested this on Mac 10.5 with Python 2.5 installed by default with the OS and the additional packages of vlc (ver 1.0.2) and jp2a (ver 0.9.19) installed via MacPorts 1.8.0. The Rovio firmware is 5.00. Tweaking required to get it to run: It assumes the jp2a and vlc programs are in /usr/bin but on Mac programs installed from Ports puts them in /opt/local/bin by default.
It would crash if I did not edit the calls to "/usr/bin". I tried both the full path of "/opt/local/bin/PROGRAM" and just "PROGRAM" trusting it to find the programs in my $PATH. However, both ways had the results listed below. I also found a typo on line 79: two double-quotes (") were listed as apostrophes (') in the line to set up the last line of the head-position window. This didn't appear to affect function, though, but I'm new to Python and am not sure how to call those Curses methods.
I also swapped lines 326 and 327 to up status updating before video updating to discover that those functions worked. The program will fail eventually when the thread times out waiting for jp2a to do its thing. The error is coming from jp2a reporting "Empty input file". Using verbose output of jp2a in a terminal shows that the command, as sculpted on line 149, returns "404 file not found". I confirm this in a browser. This is true for an administrator user and an unprivileged user on the Rovio. What works (until jp2a fails and the whole thing dies): - Sending of any commands works (except did not test 'email image') - Display of status data What doesn't work: - video as ASCII Perhaps the API has changed? Firmware version 5.00 was released 10 February 2009 but the newest API document (version 1.2) states it is from 8 October 2008. I have confirmed that my jp2a works other Jpeg files.


Robot App Requirements


For Linux, possibly other Unix OSes. Requires Python, jp2a.
VLC is optional.

Mac or Unix computer
Other requirements:

Wifi network

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