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Robot App™ Description

This App allows the user to drive the Roomba like a RC Car and clean meanwhile with RooWifi: Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba plugged.
This App is made for iPhone and iPod and is updated to be compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhones 4S and iPhone 5 (4” screen).
With this App installed on your iPhone you can drive your Roomba through your Home WiFi or directly with the Ad-Hoc infrastructure created by RooWifi


Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Code - Other

Download -ZIP file.

Extract it and compile it with xCode in your MAC. It's also available in AppStore


Upgrade Instructions

Modify this code as you want :)

Robot App Requirements


xCode 4.6 or greater for compile it

RooWifi development board (
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

Connect to RooWifi if it's generating an Ad-Hoc infrastructure or to the WiFi network where the device is connected.
Push Config button and insert the IP assigned to your Device if you are using Home WiFi or if you are working in Ad-Hoc mode.
Save configuration and let's play!

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