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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Sergio Merino

This robot app is a sip client manager that allow robot pick up VOIP calls.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

Simply download and build the node:

git clone
rosmake --rosdep-install qbo_liphone


Robot App Requirements



You need to have linphone software installed and the computer where this node will run. The linphone sip client needs to use a sip server to call. In the Qbo robot there are a Sip server installed called Asterisk.
Hardware: robot
Other requirements:

SIP Server and account
Internet connection

Usage Instructions

How to run:

You can use the launcher:
roslaunch linphone launch_on_robot.launch

How to configure

In file src/linphone/ you can set the parameteres. At line 71 you can change the user, the password and the server:
check_output([“linphonecsh”, “register”, ”–host”,”server”,”–username”,”user”,”–password”,”pass”])

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