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Robot App™ Description

Developers: Arturo Bajuelos, Sergio Merino

Manages several Qbo apps, activating/deactivating dynamically ROS nodes in Qbo.

This package contains the implementation of qbo_brain node. This node is the main manager of some of qbo_demos. It handles the following nodes:
■ qbo_face_tracking
■ qbo_face_following
■ qbo_face_recognition
■ qbo_stereo_selector
■ qbo_object_recognition
■ qbo_music_player
■ qbo_questions
■ qbo_random_move

And some more.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

You can download this package from its GIT repository from github. Then, simply MAKE the pack and its dependencies.

git clone
rosmake --rosdep-install qbo_brain


Robot App Requirements


Hardware: Robot
Other requirements:

Network Connection

Usage Instructions

Simply run the following command:
rosrun qbo_brain

The qbo_brain node is implemented as a state machine, using the smach ROS package. Its states are default, music_player and phoneserver.

The default state handles all the nodes except the music_player node and the phone services nodes

When in the default state, the qbo_brain node will activate the object_recognition demo when detected a close object. If not, it will activate the face recognition demo. Also, the qbo_questions node will be constantly activated in the default state, so the robot will respond to the questions handled by this node.

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