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Pleo StatsRBRobot-App Page

Relevant Robots:
  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO RB
  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO Classic
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Robot App™ Description

A Windows app for dumping and reviewing the personality properties and statistics for your PleoRB.

Developer: PleoPet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

On your Windows computer:
# Insert the micro-SD card into the card reader on your computer
# If there are files on the micro-SD card, delete them
# Download this file
# Unzip it and place the files at the root (top-most) folder of the micro-SD card
# Remove the micro-SD card from the card reader (If Windows complains, do it again but stop the micro-SD drive before removing it)


Robot App Requirements


A Windows computer to run the statsRB.exe program

Pleo RB (any model: Green, Blue or Pink)
Or - older model Pleo running 1.1 software or PM2 software (limited dump info).
   * Original Ugobe Pleo software 1.0 not supported.
A micro-SD card compatible with PleoRB
A micro-SD card reader for your computer
Other requirements:

This is an advanced feature - following the instructions at your own risk.

Usage Instructions

* With your PleoRB:
* Remove the PleoRB battery and carefully insert the micro-SD card inside the battery compartment under your PleoRB. The card will only go in one way. The micro-SD card label should be facing you.
* Insert the battery and press the power on button. The green LED should turn on.
* Wait until PleoRB wakes up and starts thrashing around.
* Immediately press and hold the power button for 5 seconds or so to make PleoRB go back to sleep.
* Wait until PleoRB shuts down and the green LED turns off.
* Remove the PleoRB battery and carefully remove the micro-SD card.
* You can return the battery and use PleoRB normally.

Back to your Windows computer:
* Insert the micro-SD card into the card reader on your computer
* The micro-SD card contains a backup of your PleoRB's personality. If you like you can make a backup of these files.
* Double click on the statsRB.exe program on the micro-SD card. It will generate a report and open it in your web browser.

You can repeat this process again-and-again to check on the progress of your Pleo.

* This is a work in progress.
* statsRB is a simple monitoring program. It does not change your PleoRB. Using statsRB is not a replacement for playing with your PleoRB normally.
* If it reports 'Pleo is in bad shape' or values in red, then try to improve those numbers. If Pleo is depressed or hungry or injured, it will ignore most of your commands.
* Predicting when PleoRB will evolve to the next stage/age is tricky. Use the suggested times only as a guideline. Check after every battery or two to see the progress.
* The date stamps are not related to real time. The year started when you put in the RTC battery. The hour of the day should be approximately the same as real time. If not, wait until noon (real-time) and press the small reset button on PleoRB's foot.

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