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NAO Sit Down- C# CodeRobot-App Page

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Robot App™ Description

Doesn't work with NAO V5.

Everytime we want the NAO robot to sit down, we need to send the Sit-Down command.
However, there is no such command.
The sit down is actually a set of commands that make the robot performing the sit down movement.
If you develop a robot-app that controls NAO from C# code, you would probably find this C# code useful.
According to NAO's position (sit, back, belly...) the code uses NAOQI.NET to send the robot the correct commands to its engines to make him sit.

This code contains a win forms program that executes the sit down code for your convenience, you can extract the sit-down function and include it in your project without using win-forms.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Code C# .Net

This is a C# code using NAOQi.Net.
Make sure NAO and your PC are connected to the same local network.

The code sends a list of positions in an appropriated timeline to NAO. (V3 or V4 NextGen)
The code connects to NAO, and creates a proxy to ALMotion and ALRobotPose. To create the sit down movements, just run:
sitDownExecuter = new SitDownExecuter(motionProxy, robotPoseProxy);


Robot App Requirements


Visual studio 2010;
NAO Qi V1.12 and up

A PC with .net 4.0 framework
NAO V3.3 and up (With the longer hands)
Other requirements:


Usage Instructions

Put NAO on a clear surface;
In case the fail-safe mechanism was activated (NAO has fallen down), the stiffness is automatically removed but the sit down commands will try to execute the change position scenario, therefor it is recommended to add the stiffnessInterpolation command at the beginning of the loop as well.

The procdure releases the stiffness at the end of the operation.
Depending on your scenario, you might want to uncomment the release stiffness command.

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