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Timo Bleeker
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Robot App™ Description

Doesn't work with NAO V5.

Howie the Nao robot has lost control over his legs and left arm. Can you help him regain this control by solving 3 math questions?

Howie asks children 3 random addition questions with numbers between 1 and 10. Whenever a question is answered correctly, Howie will regain control over one of his limbs and start moving it.

This application was created at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Choregraphe File

Open the Choregraphe file and upload it to the robot.


Robot App Requirements


Default Nao developers setup including Choregraphe etc.

The Nao robot and a computer that can connect to it.
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

Please make sure the Nao robot is in a sitting position (with legs stretched) at the beginning of the program.

During the program the robot will stand up. Please make sure the robot is on a stable surface.

See the program in action here:

As the Nao speech recognition is not perfect, it sometimes has troubles recognizing the correct answer.
If you want to work on the program to improve the recognition we suggest using image recognition (you could use cards with images or numbers).

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