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Robot App™ Description

Doesn't work with NAO V5.

Turn NAO into a voice activated mail client!

This is the only comprehensive solution for emailing using NAO - designed for POP3 and SMTP servers!

This application gets emails from the server, reads them one by one, and let you respond to every email. Response is being recorded, and then sent as an attached WAV file to the sender of the email.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Choregraphe Code (Incl. Python)

Run this .crg app using Choregraphe, or embed it into your behavior.


Robot App Requirements


Choregraphe V1.12 and up (Win, Mac or Linux version.)

A NAO Robot. (Regardless the model).
Other requirements:

Network connection between NAO and the computer.
Internet access.

Usage Instructions

1. Connect your robot to the internet. Without a connection NAO won't have access to your mail servers.

2. Set up the mail servers' username and passwords in the first box's settings. (click the key on the bottom left side - see image for further details)

When you are ready - run the app using Choregraphe or embed it in your behavior, or as a default behavior.

Whenever the robot asks a question, the only acceptable answers are either "Yes" or "No".

When you record a reply email, please be brief, you have 12 seconds to record your message. We created this limitation because we didn't want to cross the 5MB file size in the attached response. (In the future we might use another recorder, that uses a compressed file format)

The behavior ends when there are no emails in the mailbox, or after you've reviewed and answered all emails.

The behavior will not delete played messages from the server, and will not remember that they were played.

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