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NAO Emotions Collection! - NAO Farts While StandingRobot-App Page

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Robot App™ Description

Oops! NAO farted...
NAO is a bit like us. After a big meal, he may feel "uncomfortable" gas in his stomach.
His belly muscles squeeze out the gas from his stomach during stand up right into the free air around it!

This robot-app surprises people, and always generate laughs! (No one expects a fart coming out from a robot!)

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Simply run this app using Choregraphe, or embed it in your behavior.


Robot App Requirements


Choregraphe V1.12 and up (Win, Mac or Linux version.)

A NAO Robot. (Regardless the model).
Other requirements:

Network connection between NAO and the computer.

Usage Instructions

The robot has to be in a sitting postion in order to play this behavior!
The animation doesnt take into account another poistion.
At the end of the behavior - the robot will stand up.

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