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Bart Simpson AIBORobot-App Page

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  • Sony - AIBO ERS-220
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Robot App™ Description

Bart is one of the main characters in The Simpsons. Bart is cheeky, and loud "in your face" character, who sometimes act before thinking.

This cool personality for your AIBO make your robot walk and talk around like Bart, with funny phrases from the famous TV show.

The personality isfairly active. If you leave him alone he will wander around, talking/ singing to himselves. However he love to interact with people- so try talking to them. They respond very well to most of the standard voice commands (see below).

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

  • Put an available PMS stick into your computer's stick reader
  • Select any folders you see at the root of the stick (usually OPEN-R and CUSTOM) and delete them. Do not format the stick.
  • In the downloaded file, locate the RCodePlus runtime for the model of your AIBO.
    For the ERS-220: RCode Plus 2.52 'A' (220)
    (Save this .ZIP file on your computer. You may want to use it again later.)
  • Unzip this RCodePlus file to the root of your PMS memory stick.
  • In the downloaded file, locate the personality:
  • (~ 0.5 MB)
  • Unzip that file on top of your RCODE/PMS stick (replacing any files it asks about).
  • Put the memory stick inside your AIBO and start it up.
  • Play with your AIBO. Follow the instructions (see below).


Robot App Requirements


Windows or Mac or Linux OS, capable of extracting zip and rar files.

1. AIBO ERS-220 model
2. A Pink Programmable Memory Stick (AKA "PMS" or RCode stick) - ERA-MS008 or ERA-MS016.
3. A memory stick reader to install the software (Use only Sony brand stick readers)
Other requirements:

Ability to talk to your AIBO

Usage Instructions

Homer and Bart are two of the main characters in The Simpsons. Homer is lazy, usually thinking of food, beer or sleep. Bart is cheeky. Both are loud, in your face character individuals, who sometimes act before thinking.

General information about the personalities
Homer and Bart are separate personalities- either can run in an ERS 220 AIBO. If you have 2 Aibos, the two personalities are designed to recognise each other. They can walk and talk at the same time. You can also pause them by saying STOP (more details below)

Specific commands/ actions (for either personality)

  • Taking a photo - is a two-stage process. First press the head button. When you release the head button he will make a suitable verbal command, and quickly take a photo. You can also use the voice command "Take a picture"
  • Singing. Both characters have The Simpsons theme song (they sing at boot up). You can replay this, and other songs. It is up to you to discover how.
  • Voice commands- most of the voice commands have been customised. Try them out to see what treats are in store. Both personalities will take directions (turn left, sit, stand, turn around etc). Some recommended voice commands include "Whats your name", "are you hungry", "cheer up". Try out the others too, there are several surprises.
  • "Stop"- If Bart get into trouble, or if you just want him to sit perfectly still for a while, say "STOP". He will sit down, and remain still (and quiet) until you press the head button.

1. These are YART personalities, so feel free to modify them.
2. If either character seems to freeze- try giving them a verbal command- if that doesnt work- press the head button- if that doesnt work tip them on their side.

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