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AISoy Robotics
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Robot App™ Description

Let AISoy1 folow you or even another AISoy1!
Using the libraries OpenCV, AISoy1 will be able to detect your face and follow you, in case you are not in front of him.
If he detect you, he will get happy changing his emotions, led color and even the sentences he says.
If he can’t reach you, he will get sad until he see you again.

This botapp is made using DIA, AISoy Robotics’s visual intarface to create botapps, so you will get it easily having a quick look to the diagram.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Load the botapp as usual:
1) Get into the botserver typing the address on your browser;
2) In the botapps section, choose the DIA botapp and press “cargar”;
3) Once the botapp is loaded, just click on the botapp’s icon;


Removal Instructions

Get into the botserver and press “Eliminar” in the botapp you want to remove.

Robot App Requirements


Vital version >= 5
DIA software installed

AISoy1 robot
Other requirements:

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